Our Story

Sophie and JamiMy mama has always spoiled me with treats, belly rubs, play dates, Christmas presents and Easter baskets. She wants me to live a long and healthy life and has always tried to feed me the best dog food on the market.

But, when I was 6 years old, I lost my appetite for several days. Being a little Pug dog that is very food motivated, mama knew there was something seriously wrong. She took me to the Veterinary Hospital and they ran several tests that concluded I was showing signs of advanced Liver Disease and that I may only have about 30 days to live! My Mama was not about to let that happen and was on a mission. Through prayer and research, she learned that my condition could quite possibly improve with proper nutrition. She discovered that the food she was feeding me and had thought was so healthy was loaded with additives, preservatives, and fillers that was detrimental to my health. No wonder I became so sick at such a young age!

Mama immediately took the steps necessary to transition me to an all raw food diet which included lots of raw vegetables for treats. I really liked the new food and vegetables I was eating and soon started feeling better. On my follow up visit to the Veterinarian, she was so surprised at how much my health had improved; it seemed like I had made a full recovery. My mama informed her about all of the changes she had made to my diet. Mama then went on a journey to figure out how to create healthy, organic treats for me for my birthday and all the other special occasions throughout the year.

Mama is also concerned about the health and well-being of other dogs, realizing that most health issues for dogs come from the ingredients in their food; wheat, sugar, additives, and preservatives, which are included in most packaged and baked food items. Mama knows how important it is for dogs to eat healthy snacks and went to work on learning how to make them.

Several years later, Sophie’s Sweet Cakes – '100% Healthy, Organic, Gourmet Treats for Dogs' was born. Named after me of course, her inspiration. And now I get to try even more yummy snacks (strictly for quality control purposes).

I hope you enjoy your treats!

- Sophie 🐾